!!!! 10 Advices to take care of our hair prothesis

The following 10 advices are the most important step to take care of our hair-prothesis and to ensure a long duration to our trycological system.


You shouldn't ruin the hair prothesis by washing it with some hot water or some common shampoo.


To have the maximal feedback from your hair prothesis pay attention to those points:


1- To wash the hair prothesis while you aren't using it


Remove the hair prothesis from your head by using a solvent and wash it while you aren't using it.

This because the same shower that cleans your face and your body can be the reason because your hair prothesis get damaged, because you didn't pay any particular attention to the water temperature or you didn'tuse any particular products.


2 – Wash the hair of the prothesis wih cold water


If you wash your hair- prothesis while you aren't using it you will be allowed to wash it with some cold water.

Generally you can wash the prothesis with some balm unlike to use the shampoo, this will avoid the loos of some hair-oils and it will help the hair staying hydratated for a longer time.


3- Use some shampoo and balm that are specifically created for the hair -prothesis or for coloured and dry hair


Obviously the Newlacehair's hair-prothesis are composed by Remy hair.

Those systems should follow a particular colouration process, so the hair colour must be the same of your hair and it must have a long duration during the time.

Don't use any shampoo or any balm which aren't specifically created for dry hair or coloured hair because they can damage the colour of the hair – prothesis.

Avoid every kind of shampoo which conteins some aggressive chimical substances just like sulphates, para-bens and sodium clorure.

You should use some products which are already tested to stretch the duration of the colour and to avoid the oxidation.


4- You should daily Hydrate the hair of the prothesis


When the product is old it isn't sufficient anymore to use only the balm. You can help the effect of your balm by applying some argan oil after combing the hair and you will avoid that your hair could be dry.


5 – Don't expose your self to the sun very much


If you have a job that makes you to expose to the sun every day, we advice you to use a balm which doesn't need any wash and which has got the sun-protection and which hydrates your hair.

This helps to avoid the oxidation and you will protect your hair from the dangerous sunrays.

6 – You should always remove the hair-prothesis by using solvents


Never try to remove tapes without using any removal device, you shouldn't see any hair on the tape during the maintenance.

Don't use any hot air hair- dryer, the washed hair have to be fastly dryed in a warm temperature or by using a normal fan.


If you join a bit of argan oil the hair will be dryed faster.

You can choose the normal hair to dry your hair, but you have to avoid to use a hot way to dry it and you should avoid to use any device which uses hot air.


9 – Comb your hair in a soft way


When you comb the system use some brushes which has got the syliconed tips and you shouldn't apply a lot of strength, but you have to follow the direction of the hair and comb it softly. A good way is stylize it with the hands, this doesn't damage the hair and it doesn't ruin the base or knots.


10- You shouldn't abuse of the time


What does it mean?


You shouldn't wear the hair-prothesis for more than 10 days, in fact after some days you should remove it and clean it well.


If you wear it for a longer time and you put off the maintenance you risk some dermatitis and you risk to damage the base and knots with the glue and with the dirt of the scalp.