Those methodes can't be used for all kind of basis,because,how we said yet,each material of the base is different and because they have their own features, we will use some different ventilation system.




Newlacehair realizes the best quality hair-systems in the world. Each part of the production process is checked with attention and the work is made with an excellent technique and accurancy, and this ensures you that the system has a long duration and that it is the most comfortable one that transpires more.


In this blog-post, we will give you more information as possible about the ventilation thecniques and about the production methodes used in the production process of the high quality hair-systems.


The ventilation methodes that are commonly used in toupets production are the v-loop, the injection and the knot.

Those methodes can't be used for all kind of basis,because,how we said yet,each material of the base is different and because they have their own features, we will use some different ventilation system.







ventilation in hair patches


When we have to knot, there are four methodes we use to realize an high quality hair-system. Those methodes are : the single knot, the double knot, the split knot and the double split knot. Each of those knots are used for a different purpose, each of them has some strength variants, a different visibility and a different position on the hair-system.

Thanks to the knot, a good hair-system becomes an excellent hair-system; That because knots allow the hair to have a more natural moovement, a better and bigger flexibility and it can be combed more easily.




The main benefits of the Single Knoting methode are its invisibility because it is a little knot and it seems flat, so the best zone of the hair-prothesis where it can be used is around the perimeter (the front area, the sides and the back). The main disadvantages of the Single Knotting are that it is a knot easy to slack. To avoid this, the Single Knoting methode has got a glue and silicon coating (we called brushing) that it must be made after the hair-knotting to reinforce knots.


In according with the main material, a Single Knotting style is perfect for Skins and PU, because the brushing in the PU can perfectly close the knots and it can avoit that knots slack. Unlike Monos and Laces, where the Spray vaporization it isn't able to perfectly close the knots how does the brushing.




The double knot has a perfect flat effect. It is big and it should be used in less visible zones.




The difference between the divided knot and the normal one is that the split knot system gives to the hair more elasticity and it realizes some more natural layers, but because knots are more visible on hair-systems skin, there can be both kind of knots: divided one and the normal one together to make knots quiet little to avoid to be saw.





The main benefits of the Single Split knot are that it can be used for Skin,Lace or Mono basis.

Hair locks which are put in the base by using the Single Split knot have a more higher aspect. About the disadvantages we can say that the Single Split knot it's just like a spring so the hair is divided in two directions, and it isn't easy to put it in the same direction.




The V-looped methode is a thecnique which is used only for skin hair-systems.

It isn't knotted, so this methode can't be use on other basis such us Laces or Monos.


This makes the hair-system more invisible because it seems that the hair gorws up on the scalp. This ventilation methode is at the second place for the best invisibility, so if the customer is looking for the most invisible hair-system,the best choice is the injected ventilation. It is a choice where the price of the hair-system isn't a matter.


The main benefit of the V-looped Ventilation is that it is the cheapest methode for the invisibility because it is much cheaper than the Injected methode and it gives to hair a higher quality concering the invisibility.


This is the most important reason because we use the super-thin skin and the V-loop to obtein the most invisible effect. The main disadvantage is that the direction of the hair isn't so good like other ventilation methodes.

For example, on the back and on the side of the hair-system it is usually required a flat effect. But it isn't so easy to obtein a flat effect when it is used a V-loop ventilation, so for a super-think hair-system in skin with V-loop everywhere, we advise against to cut the hair in a too short way.


The meaning of this in world of the style and of the production is that this methode limits the hair-cut options.




The injected ventilation methode is made injecting the hair in a skin or in a silicon base.

In The Flat injected methode the hair is injected in the skin or in the silicon base with an acute angle. The hair naturally goes in a direction and it can't be combed in a different direction.


The benefit of injecting the hair in a skin or in a polyurethane is that it is the most natural and it is the best insertion methode for the invisibility compared to all other ventilation methodes.


In the injected skin it seems the hair is going out of the scalp just like in a real hair-style.


The main disadvantages are quiet visisble because there aren't any knots where their hair can slack easily so the customer must pay much attention when he washes his hair.


But to obtein a bigger resistance, the skin will be brushed with some GLUE to keep the hair in the right position.

For this, it exists a brush composed in polythylene to fix the hair roots after the skin injection it couldn't be thin like 0,03mm and its thickness should be 0,06mm and 0,08mm.




The main difference between the injected skin and the ILACE is that the ILACE or SILK has got two layars of lace. For this we PROCEDE knotitng the hair on the inferior layer and we inject the hair through the superior layer,this allows to have a bigger volume effect. Using this methode, knots are hidden between the superior and inferior layer.

This is the most iand natural nvisible effect used to realize the best hair-system.


But hair-systems which have this thecnique have an higher price and an higher price if we compare it to the other systems.


Obviously the main benefit of this methode is the invisible and natural effect that the hair-system ensures to the model.


But, the disadvantage it is that it take a longer time to produce it and the price is higher.





The choose of the right ventilation methode is very important for example to obtein a more natural effect it is also usefull to have a higher invisibility and to make longer its duration.


But there are some different knotting methodes.


So,Unless you have a big brain, this makes the work harder doesn't it?


Well, don't worry!


Newlacehair is specialized in hair replacements and in hair-systems for men and women production which have an high quality.


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