hair replacement system

Today we speak about the differences between a modern tricological hair-system and an old kind of toupet or an old kind of wig.

Both are usefull to cover the zene wich is affected by the alopecia, but they have completelly different aesthetic results.

The toupet is an old generation wig, it is heavy and visible, it isn't well attached to the scalp so it can always move. This feature doesn't allow the model to have a good aesthetic result and to have a normal sportly life.

This is the reason because this solution is often used in moovies or in advertisements like a funny instrument to make people laught , getting the model ridiculus.

Celebrityies can also be convinced by some experts of a reality without any knowledge about market news, today they are still using those old solutions, for example Sanro Meyer who had been ridiculed because of his old wig he wears.

A new generation hair-prothesis provides completelly natural aesthetic results to people who wears it and they can comb the hair in the way they prefer, also combing the hair in the back,so models can have a social and active relation-ship and life.

In fact those new solutions are attached to the scalp with some tapes which can resist into the water and they can resist also to the sweat.

Models will be able to practice sport at a competitive level, they can swim, they can go to the swimming-pool, and they can have a relation-ship.

The base in fact, once it is attached on the scalp, it will be a unique thing with the scalp and it won't be discovered by anyone.

hair systems

This solution is very used by pubblic people in shows and in the world of sport, starting from Donadel till Conte, Klopp, Alpacino and Ben Affeck…

Today we can say that to be bald is a choice. People who wants to have in the back its hair, can have , by using a non-surgical new generation thickening, back the hair fastly and it will also be cheap.

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