??? Hair – Prothesis:  controindications and disadvantages of using them.

In our blog we often talked about big benefits that the new-generation hair-prothesis ensure us to have back our hair-dress and our happy life, but are there some controindications?


Just like everything in life, hair-prothesis too can have some disadvantages that we will list here, for those who want to choose this life-style , they must know not only all benefits they will have by using a hair-prothesis but they have to know all disadvantages too.


Social Tabù


Today, in 2020 a hair-prothesis is still a tabù in many environments. For a lot of people it is something fake and funny. This is caused by old toupeets, which were completly innatural and they weren't fixed at the head of the model. They were used in many shows because of their funny features.

This is why, a model who wears a hair prothesis and who cares about the judgment of the others, using a hair-prothesis could be source of some fears. It also can be a solution that is worst than the baldness.


So this is a choice you have to value and we have to see if our alopecia is heavier than the judgment of the other or not.


The hair doesn't grow


In hair-prothesis, even if they are composed by a completly natural hair-dress, the hair doesn't grow just like it does in nature but it has always the same length. So when we do the first installation or the first cut of the tricological system, we always advice to not abuse. In fact it is better to have long hair that you can cut off in when you prefer, unlike to have a too short hair-dress which can't grow.


It's necessary to change it regularly


The hair-prothesis won't have an eternal duration. In fact during the time the hair can be damaged or the base can break. So it must be considered that each month we have to change the hair-system with a new one. We have to consider the cost that this will cause and we have to consider if we agree with this kind of cost during our life to have back our image.


Weekly maintenance


In the case of the hair-prothesis which have to be glued on our scalp by using some tapes or glues, we have to consider that each week we have to do the maintenance.

The maintenance maybe the heavier aspect for a hair-prothesis model and for this reason, people prefer to use some stronger glues and they prefer to do the maintenance in some expert centre, spending in this way much more money.


We advice you, to do the maintenance once a week, so you will avoid some dermatitis or bacterias and, we advice you to do it in your home, so you will save a lot of money and you will also have a personalized integration. In the hair-prothesis' field if you do the maintenance on your own is much more better than a maintenance done by a pseudo-expert who fastly does the maintenance asking for a high price, you can easly do the maintenance in your home.


Hair care


Hair hasn't got any bulbe so it isn't very hydratated and for this reason we have to regularly hydrate it by using some specific products. This is an action which takes few seconds par day, but it has be done to have a perfect and natural hair-prothesis. For many people it isn't a matter but for someone it could be a problem. This aspect too has to be considered


Have you any other disadvantages in using a hair-prothesis?


Write them here in the comments, so we all will have more informations about those hair-systems which are very usefull to fastly have back our hair-dress and without any pain.


See you in the next article!