To distinguish among different materials of the hair prothesis can be difficult if you never had one of this product.

In this Blog, we discover materials, the visibility, and the different prices and the duration of each basis we have here in Newlacecu.

Which are the benefts for your shop if you know the materials:

Of course, if you are able to distinguish among different materials it will make the difference because you will be able to distinguish the hair prothesis with a lower quality from another with an higher quality.

If you have a specialized shop, a wholesaler, an hair-shop or a shop-online, you know that a non surgical solution for the replacement of the hair satisfies your customers' needs and this solution will show to your customers they can trust you and you can be sure your customers will thank you and they will share your name.

hair replacement system

Like a wholeseller, when the variety and the options of your hair-systems which have an high quality will increase your market and your customers' border-line will grow automatically.

The biggest part of the shops which are located in a strategic position can have access to the markets in the villages nearby and hey can gain in some different villages where customers have different needs.

However, you have to do a market investigation including the context, ages and the specific niche market where your shop is adressed and you will be able to sell well your hair-sytstems automatically.

Which are the original materials that are commonly used for the hair-prothesis:

Now we will give a look to the original materials which are commonly used for an hair-system.

First, we have to know that the informations about the hair replacement with a non surgical replacement isn't sure at 100% because each case has its different usage conditions.

Moreover, we advice you that every piece of hair-system sold must have instructions about the maintenance of the hair, because a good maintenance will ensure you a longer duration of the system.

Lace system:

The multifilament thread in nylon is used to keep joined the parts and to obtein a unique high quality net.

The lace base has large holes to obtein the best ventilation because there is a bigger air flow and this ensures to the scalp a more natural and comfortable feeling in warm evironment where the transpiration is very important.

If your customer has a very active life style and he practice alot of sport or he is an athlete, you can offer him an hair-system with a base in lace. This will completly satisfy his needs.

French Lace

We advice our customers to always keep french laces in their centre, because it is the most requested material among customers when they decide to choose the non surgical solution, this will be the best toupet for them. This material has a very good transpiration, it is very soft and easy to clean.


The duration of a toupet in french lace is from 2 to 3 months. The maximal density of the viable hair is about 140%.

The net of the lace has got some larger holes, this will allow the material to transpire better, that's perfect for the models who live in warm environment, this material too is very soft and easy to clean.

The swiss Lace

There are two kind of lace materials which are used to create the base of all our french and swiss toupées which are made in China.

The biggest difference of the swiss lace is that it is more comfortable and softer than the french lace.


The duration of the Swiss lace is lower than the french one it goes from 1 to 2 months. This lace too has a good transpiration thanks to some holes in the lace. The swiss lace has a maximal density of 120%.

Soft Skin Base

The perfect base for customers who are looking for the most natural and invisible hair integration, the thickness of the base is about 0.03 mm.

For customers who don't care about the price there is the base with a thickness of 0.06mm and 0.08 mm.

It is really invisible and, its transpirability satisfies completelly the customers.

In fact the soft skin 0.03 and the 0.08 are best sellers.

Especially the sale of the soft skin 0.03 is growing up fastly thanks to its invisibility. The material used to realize this base is a material in super-thin polyurethane and it has a duration of 3 or 4 months, it depends on the thickness you choose.

0.02 mm


It is super-soft and it has a short duration from 1 month to 4 months, it depends how well the product is kept.

The hair-system thickness will be better thanks to the ventilation with V-loop which appears in all the hair system.

0.08 mm


It is a super-thin material, it has a short duration from 2 to 8 months. It has almost the same invisible effect of the 0.03 mm one. It has the V-loop ventilation methode that it appears in the entire hair-system 0.08 mm.



This base has got a duration from 4 to 16 months. Thanks to this material the base has got a longer duration. There are some ties in V in the frontal line of the hair this to obtein a more natural hair, while tin he rest of the system there are some split knots.

Skin with the Gauze:

This material is only used around the perimeter , on the sides and on the back this to easily stick the tape. There are 3 layers for this basis style. First there is an hair layer in polyurethane ( skin), second thing at the top we have a part in gauze on the middle layer which gives to the toupet more strenght and it will have a longer duration.

From 0.12 to 0.14


It is a soft material, its duration is longer than the skin base one. It is stronger because it has more layers, just like we said. Generally, we use it only around the perimeter , on the sides and on the back of the base. For example, just like we did in this model BH5P.

Invisible Polyurethane / Invisible PU

The fusion of two materials, for example, the french lace and the invisible PU, it often used to create the best toupees of the market. Those two materials offer you their own benefits, the lace has some large holes which give to the toupet a super- transpiration and the lace will ensure you comfort thanks to its top.

The holes in the PU increase the transpirability and the duration of the hair-system, it allows the models to take off the hair-system and to easly clean it.

From 0,01mm to 0,16 mm / Example


We generally put the invisible polyurethane around the perimeter of the base or on the sides and on the back, while in the rest of the toupet we put the french lace or the swiss lace. The hair density for ths kind of toupet is 100% of average light and 120% its average density.

NPU/PU with red / with External parts in PU

Previously, we cover the three layers of the base with two skin layers and we put in the middle the gauze. Now we talk about the base model composed by four layers: The first layer is the brushed polyurethane, there are two layers inside, a layer is in gauze and the other one is the red base, just like the lace or the mono. The last layer is in polyurethane. The PU is generally located on the sides and on the top on the perimeter.

Which is the basical Material of the Monofilament in Nylon

Among all available basis, materials to choose the Mono have a longer duration, for example, if you do a regular cleaning the hair system can have a duration till one year (we are refering to the thin Mono base).

This hair System has got smaller holes than the lace base, the air flow is reduced so the transpiration too. This material is quiet rougher and this feature allows the model to easly take off the old hair system without being warried to damage it.

Knotted Thin Monofilament:

This is the strongest one among the basis and it provides space for the air flow thanks to its holes in malla, those holes give transpirabiliy to the hair, holes are smaller and stronger. It is very important to clean the hair system and to keep clean the holes too.

Super thin knotted Monofilament

This material is softer than the Welded Mono, it has got a good transpiration and this kind of toupet for men is similar to the Thin Welded Mono, the warp, the wey how parts are fused make this hair-system very strong and this ensure you that it won't break easly.


This is similar to the knotted thin Monofilament, this base has a duration about from 8 till 12 months. It is softer and it is well known among the stockists. The maximal hair density for this material is 100% light medium and 120% medium.


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