how defend your hair system

People often ask how long is the duration of this hair-system or the duration of another one and we always answer that it depends… it depends on many reasons, such us the kind of base, the hair, but the life of a hair-systems also depends on the way how it is used and on many attentions.

Obviously if you want a long duration hair-systems, you can't order some systems with super thin basis or systems composed by a low quality hair, but anyway, if you pay many attentions to your hair-prothesis you will have a longer duration of the system.


Remember, a hair-system duration, also depends n the acidity of your sweat and unfortunally we can't do much for this except following a basic and healthy diet, but it maybe too much advising you to change the kind of diet you are following ( only for you personal health), only because you want to lengthen the duration of your hair-prothesis.

Lets see now 5 advices that will be very usefull for you to have a longer duration of your prothesis.


1 Use the scalp protector


This product will ensure you a bigger protection and adhesion and by realizing a film between your skin and the base of the system, it will avoid that the sweat has a contact with the base, whichwill be protected from the sweat and from its acid ph.


2 Spray the knot sealer during every maintenances ( for maille system and not skin system)


If you have a base in lace, a system composed by monofilament, or a mixed hair system composed by some parts in lace, spray the knot sealer when the system is clean and dry on the inferior part, where hair is knotted.

This product, gives more strenght to knots and it closes them. It also makes the base hard.


The knot sealer , in this way, ensures a loger duration and ensures tha hair has got a bigger adhesion to the base, so a lower loose of the hair (in fact models often complain to have to change their hair-system because the one they use lost too much density).


3 Sleep on a silk pillow.


If you sleep by wearing your hair system the brushing of your head on the pillow could, during the time, ruin the base and the hair, and in this way it will be necessary the change of the hair-system.


But if you use a silk lining the brushing of your head won't cause any electrostatic charge and the hair and the base won't be damaged unlike it happends with mixed materials.


So if you want a system which has a longer duration in the time you should absolutelly try a silk lining.




Sellers often sell lining silk composed ,instead, by mixed material, so pay much attention when you are buing a silk lining.