Saint Valentine's Day!! Which hair-dress can we make with our hair-prothesis?

S. Valentine Day came! And just like every year there are people who don't celebrate it and people who can't wait for its arrival, to spend a special night with the loved person.


In both cases, and independently if you spend this magic day with your sweety, with your frineds or with your relatives, it is a perfect opportunity to show a different hairstyle .


This is why we decided to show you some romantic hair-dresses which will be perfect for each hairstyle: long, short or middle.

Are curious to see which hairstyles we choosed for S.Valentine's Day? Lets read the post than!


For a long hair a romantic braid it's a timeless classic, for a middle length you can choose some soft waves with a little braid on the side and for a short hairstyle you can choose all accessories you prefer and maybe a little twist. But lets focus on it!



With long hair we can really have fun: we can leave it loose, or you can choose an uncombed look, or you can have some waves or curlies, but you also can do some wonderfull tied hair. We personally think that a hair-dress with some braids are very nice and cute. The braid in fact, the classic one made on a side which can be soft or you can choose a herringbone braid which will give a romantic touch, perfect for S. Valentine Day.

Lets think about a very nice and soft braid made on a side, it will give you a simple look but it will also have a touch of sensuality. The “loose version” is sweeter than the thin and hold one which it is always a bon-ton element.


Some clasps and a semi-tied hair can give a romantic touch


If you prefer a semi-tied hair, it will give you a sweet and a little bit retro touch. You can fix the hair with a nice clasp, and you will be able to leave your face free from the tufts of hair and your long hair will be free to move and to flutter.


Do you prefer an up-do? For the lovers night up-dos are a perfect hair-style but also a top-knot or a high-chignon will also be majestic. We advice you to gain a briliant hairstyle to make some waves or curlies to give a sweer nouance to your hairstyle, or you can also choose a wavy fringe which is very cool this year.



What a lovely hairstyle is the “Hairfall”! You can do it with a long hair or a middle hair. And it is also a wonderfull hairstyle if it is apllyied to a wavy bobbed hair. With a “nymph” touch will give you a romantic and elegant outfit, it can be perfect for tonight. If you “move” a little bit your hairstyle with some sweet features, the effect makes everybody fall in love. Just to stay on the theme!


Even on a short hair-dress the romantic waves are surely a super choice!

With their soft mouvement, they will make the hair-dress very sweet.




I have a short hair, I can't do any romantic hair-dress” Just a moment, girls with a short and rock hairstyle!

We have a lot of solution for you too which will make your hair-dress perfect for the lovers party. It depends on your personal style!


We also have to say that short and very short hair-dresses are experiencing a great return also thanks to new possibilities of styling which are shown by celebrityies in last years.

If you have middle short hair or very short hair for example a “pixie hairdress” or a “garçon hairstyle”, you can choose a cool wet effect. You just need a little bit of hair wax or hair gel and its done!

But if the wet effect isn't so perfect for you, have fun choosing your accessories! Hairbands and soft foulards are cool again, and this little accessories will give an elegant and a “vintage” touch which are timeless.

For the S.Valentine day you can also choose the Keira Knightley 's look by choosing a hairband with some glitter.


While if you have a bobbed hair-dress or a “Pixie” one which is not so short, you can surely choose a torchon, twist or a french braid fixed to the head. This is a very romantic look wich has a good bon ton.


We hope you enjoyed this article, and we will see you soon in the next one.