In our blog we spoke a lot about the difference between a hair-prothesis and a toupee.

Synthetisizing, for those who didn't read yet our articles, the hair prothesis allows you to have a really normal life and it is just like the hair-dress you had, the toupee can move and it is often visible.


Today we will speak about famous and sportly people who wear a hair-prothesis or a toupee. We will list only few of those persons and we are sure you will be very surprised, because of the naturality of their hair.



Max Biaggi


He is a sportly person and he wears a hair-prothesis. A lot of people is speaking about him in this periode.

Max, after the grave accident and after his long physically recover, he completelly changed his life, he broke up with his girl friend Bianca Atzel and he came near his family and his cute children.

Recently the gossip says he is engaged with the gorgeus Michelle Carpente, but nobody talks about his hair.


It is long time Max uses a hair-prothesis in skin, which ithasn't the same colour of his own graying hair, but the product is so natural that the gossip talked about his hair-dress.





In the motor world, another well known vip is Hamilton, who had an important baldness and now he has a nice hair-dress.

In the Paddock everybody notized the change and people says it is a perfect transplantation. We, that we have a good knowledge about the invisibility and about the modern tricological system, we belive that the champion of the Formula 1 chose a modern hair-prothesis.


Antonio Conte


In the football world the most famous person who uses a hair-prothesis is the ex-midfielder and now the coatch Antonio Conte.

Antonio was completelly bald but he chaned his look in a blink and now he has got a long hair.

In every expert forum we find it had been a good hair-transplantation made in Canada, a perfect transplantation and to show this people frontally shows his photoes but he has a very low density in the front.

In the blog we have some doubts, first of all because we can see some changes of the colour of the hair and it is strange . In fact we believe that Antonio, ex- coatch of the Chelsea, has got a Hair prothesis in knotted skin, that he wears behind a transplantated frontal line.


It is an excellent feedback and many experts speak about a transplantation,but, in the gossip reviews we can often read that Antonio uses some old toupees.

Antonio's fault it is a ridical change and that he is a pubblic person.


But photoes show a very positive change, and he is younger. So the great coatch doesn't care and he normally continues his life.


In the football world, not only coatches use the hair-prothesis but professional players too.

Marco Donadel


Among italians people spoke alot about Marco Donadel.


Marco Donadel is a good midfielder, he was in many italian clubs of A serie, Fiorentina, Atelanta and Naples. Today he is playing for the Canada, in the Montreal impact , where he teaches hard lessons to his opponents by making some big cuts and some perfect steps.

He was also a national player in the Under 21 in the major National championship. And for 10 years he wears a hair-prothesis and plays without any problems and he gains money. It is so possible to affirm that by wearing a hair-prothesis we can have a normal life but not only, we can professionally practice a sport, a sport just like football, which is very physic.


The system Marco Donadel wears is a knotted skin , this system ensures a long and curly hair-dress, which gives him a very young aspect.


You can find everything in his book “Open, my history” that you can find on Amazon or in a book shop, this book have been very successfull.


Andre Agassi


Andre Agassi spoke about how to wear a toupee while he was winning milion of dollars and milion of titles in the Grand Slam, his toupee is fixed to his own hair with 21 clips and it is covered by a headband.


He tells us


Every day i find another part of my identity on my pillow, in my sink or in the drain. I asked to my self: Do you want to wear a toupee on the tennis field? I answered to my self: What else should i do? The biggest fear came the night before the final Roland Garros of 1990's match. A strand of hair fall in my hand while i was under the shower: maybe i used a wrong shampoo… the capillary tissue was disappearing”.


His brother Philly helped him finding the toupee and fixing it, but Agassi is always scared because the toupee could fall down.


He writes:” i can immagine milion of people who are watch tv and who are very surprised and they ask to them selves in every kind of lenguage:” I can't belive that; But did Andre Agassi loose his hair?”


In 1994 his wife Brooke Shields convinced him to shave his head and to remove the toupee.

In fact in our blog we spoke a lot about how a toupee could never be like a modern hair-prothesis it has a completly different and lower feedback and adhesion.


If you are interested in this argument we invite you to see the web site or you can subscribe to the forum www, where you can find more photoes and informations about modern hair-prothesis also called new generation hair-prothesis.