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This evening we will speak about how to have a longer duration of your hair-prothesis. We will give you five advices to well keep you hair-prothesis.

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December 25, 2019 by lara
Those methodes can't be used for all kind of basis,because,how we said yet,each material of the base is different and because they have their own features, we will use some different ventilation system.


Those methodes can't be used for all kind of basis,because,how we said yet,each material of the base is different and because they have their own features, we will use some different ventilation system.


best hair system???      

People often ask us “which is the best prothesis in the world?”

Is it the most expensive one?

- This company- people say

- for example sels an hair-prothesis at a price of 20 thousend euro and it is the best one, are your prothesis similar?

-Another company, tells its systems are composed by a new material that only her has got, it is certificated, is it better than the prothesis ypu have?-

- I ask it because its price is 20 times higher than the one fo your prothesis, and honestly i haven't so much money, so if your prothesis are similar i prefer to order by you-.

If you are already experts about this world, the hairpatch  world you should already know which is the answer, but if you are new read with attention this article because it will be very usefull for you.

You have to understand that from 70's and 80's till the beginning of 2000 in the world there were few companies which sold some hair-prothesis, their sellers show them selves to the customers by wearing a doctor-gown and they asked for a signature of a contract before installing the hairpieces (because they were real hairpieces, nothing with modern hair-prothesis).

They never show the system to the customer till its installation and they used some difficult sentences to confuse the customer and to make him pay a higher price.

Customers payed the prothesis at a very high price, more than gold in few years people spent a fortune...everybody was joked because of a law information and because there was an unethical selling methode .. which was often encreased by the team work of a lot of hair-dressers who, for each system installation, gained a lot of money so they were very interessed to the gain of those companies.

Then, how you know (if you are in this world since long time), with the entry of the web and of the direct companies,prices have fallen and the biggest part of those companies closed.

In this moment, especially in the UK, in Spain, Los Angeles and in some Est Europe nations, still there are some of those companies, their web sites show some confused photoes and some indications which explain everything and nothing and their final prices are very very high.

In the web we can find some of their videos where they never show the base of prothesis, and where they never talk about prices and where hair-dressers still wear the gown...PAY ATTENTION THEY ARE SIMPLY HAIR-DRESSERS!!

So which is the best hair-prothesis of the world? The most expensive one?

Of course the best hair-prothesis in the world it isn't the most expensive one, escape from companies who sell with crazy prices and who tell they have a unique product which no one has, they only want to trick you, you should always ask for some photoes of the base and don't sign any contracts, you are buying a texile product not a house!

Don't trust in those who tell you a too much law price (you risk to receive some carnival-wigs and not professional prothesis), if you receive them (i see more and more some advertisements of hair-prothesis on Instagram and i read the customers' reviews who tell they received a completely different system or that they didn't receive it).

Trust in who can ensure you all informations about the hair system you are ordering and who can send some photoes and videos of it (just like we do in Newlacehair and in Newlacecu).

What about the best hair-prothesis in the world?

It is the one that follows your niche needs, we are an aesthetic section, which can be compared to the plastic surgery , it is a world where your choices is more important than common choices; You will understand which is the best hair system by giving a look among the basis and thinking about your needs and by wearing them.

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hair replacement system


Today we speak about the differences between a modern tricological hair-system and an old kind of toupet or an old kind of wig.

Both are usefull to cover the zene wich is affected by the alopecia, but they have completelly different aesthetic results.

best hair systems in the world


Those articles published by Newlacecu are thought for those who are looking for an high quality service to ensure ,to their own customers or to them selves, attention to details and the best hair- prothesis.

1. Introduction

In our previous articles, we explained how to use both, Tapes and glue. Both have strongness and weakness (tapes are easyier to use and to clean than glue, but the glue can give a perfect finishing touch to the product ensuring in this way higher levels of quality).

This article, will show you how to use both the stickers on a single system. We should always pay attention to the quality, from the orders, to the quality-delivers, and to the hair-dress and first of all to the quality ways of attachement.

Special methods of glueing the men systems and the systems for women can change ,but the materials we use to glue toupets don't change.

Glue and tapes have been used for a long timend they will continue to exsist to be used in the future.

So, for beginners who want to learn how can get an high-quality service, we created this article.

So, here we explain how it is possible to use both: glue and tapes, when we glue the system to our skin or we glue it on the customer's skin.


Unlike the old generation wigs or toupets, hair prothesis are glued with glue or tapes.

The main difference is that in the old generation hair  systems in many cases basis were glued with some hair clips which were attached on lready existing hair. That means during the night they had to take of the prothesis and every morning they had to put it on again.

Men and women who use modern thickening system have some different needs and wishes.

Glue and tapes give a strong adhesion to the models' scalp for a periode, and this allows them to do all their daily activities without be warried about the hair, including the wake-up and the sleep moments, or when they have a shower, when they practice any sports, or when they have some daily moves.. and so on.

Every kind of tapes: ultra hold, stripes, frontal blu tape, rolls and at last tapes for thick borders – generally tapes have a duration of 1 or 3 weeks it depends on the one you choose.

Kind of glue: Generally they are water based and they are made in latex and they haven't any formaldehyde, so they are perfect beacause glue doesn't irritate the scalp, you can put the glue easily and it is quiet strong to have a duration of 2-4 weeks.

3. Why we should use a fusion of glue and tapes?

How we've already said, the main benefit of using the tape (even if it isn't strog) is that it's easyier to put on and to clean. There will be no mess and less matters.

Using the glue, this is way is more natural, the prothesis will have a longer adhesion and the best is that the glue is invisible so it is the perfect choice to ensure a natural aspect and an invisible thickening hair system.

The toupet zone is the most visible one, it is the frontal line of the hair, so is you use the glue on the frontal hair line it will be the best choice rapporting to the tape / “tape for borders”. The other seven parts aren't so visible, so the tape will be the best choice for those seven different sections.

4 The application of the glue on the scalp

First of all, it is very important to clean the scalp, by removing the hair, the dust or the dirt which can be mixed with the glue during the application. Once the zone is cleaned, use a make-up pencil to design the hair attachement ( possibly white).

To have an idea of the zone where you are it is just like the customer's attachement zone were there and you are painting a line around the border. This will be a guide for the application of the hair – system. Don't worry about it too much, at the beginning it can seems difficult to you, but after some tries you will be able to do it.

Keepnearby something with you can clean-up glue to your fingers or to your hair. This will allow you to put again the hair system before the glue will be dry and hard.

First apply the first layer of glue on the chosen zone, let it dry and repet the step one or two times.

When you use both, the tape and the glue, the application of the glue is the last part of the process.

Lets see how to use both together.

5. Using both, the tape and the glue to glue the modern thickning system for men and women:

5.1 Preparation

Prepare all instruments you want to use and keep in the nearby a towel in case a customer (or you) begins to sweat, the best you can do its to low the room temperature. It is very important that the scalp is dry and clean, so don't be in a hurry during the adhesion process, and take all the time and nothing will go wrong.

Mark the customer's frontal line, be sure there is some space in the front. People usually have they front width like 3 or 4 fingers just like the space between the hair attachement and the eyebrows.

So begin appling the tape on the prothesis, around the perimeter and avoiding the zone of the frontal line, this area is the one in th front of the toupee and it is between the two temples.

If the hair on your toupet are longer than 6 inches, or they occupy borders around the system, it will be necessary to comb the hair in the back with tweezers.

This will avoid that the glue goes on the hair during the process. Never apply the glue directly on the base, or you will be in a very sticky situation, but this wont append if it is a full skin or a pu.

5.2 Process

The best way to glue a modern hair- prothesis, by using a tape or using the glue , is fixing the toupet in the position you need on the model's scalp. Than, you should softly fix the toupet in the back, away from the attachement zone, so apply the glue on the scalp by following the instructions in the part 4 of this article named “application of the glue on the scalp”.

Step by step:

First, use a temporary spray on the scalp to avoid that the tape sticks immediatelly, this will allow you to adjust the toupet on the customer's head (or yours) to get the right position.

. Remove the support of the tape and lift softly the hair-system and fix first temples on the scalp, than the back and the sides. B sure it is in the right position.

. Press down and fix the hair-system in the position, it ca take some minutes before it will be attached to the skin, so wait.

. Than move it ,paying attention, to the front f the system the hair by using a hair clip, be sure there is no hair r base near the scalp zone on which we are applying the glue by using a brush and spread carefully a thin layer on the scalp the distance to the border of the toupet should be 1 inche. You should repet these process 1 or 2 times.

. Let it dry, this can take 10-15 minutes,one the glue is less wet and thicker, pay attention when you depress the frontal part, press with your fingers on the higher part of the frotal attachment, and be sure it is well glued and keep it for a short period.

. After that you can begin to shape the hair just in the way you want.


The main benefit of using the tape and the glue for hair- prothesis is the one you can profit of the benefits of both methodes of attachement!

The glue ensures you an high invisibility. While the tape is used in the zones which are less visible and it is easy to clean and remove!

Remember, keep something nearby to clean your fingers from all kind of glue so you can avoid every kind of inconvenient caused by the glue on the hair.

Lets hope this blog has been usefull! Keep in contact for any other informations!


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First we have to see the basis size of the hair prothesis. Generally it is long 8 inches x 10 ( 20.32 cm x 25.40 cm), this to be sure to realize the correct changes you need to adapt it.

However there are some customers , once they received their product, who go to a specialized stylist to get a complete service. But in alot of occasions it is very difficult to find a stylist who is able to correctly cut off the base of your hairprothesis.

 how to cut a hair system