Today we get too much food-advices.


There is the medical community one, which advice people to follow a mediterranean diet which has a percentage of carbohydrates of 60%, but there are other diets that are very different from this one ( and that they also are very criticized by the official medicine) for example the Life style 120, adopted by the journalist Adriano Panzironi(in Italy), and than the Low Carb diet till the well known Paleo Diet followed by Paleolitics men.


Here i leave you the web site of Life 120 explained by the journalist Panzironi and the healings cases that, in according with Panzironi, there were thanks to this food-style.(Italian language)


Each food-style has its strenghts and its weakness, its own studies that confirm their effectiveness or that tell us their are dangerous.


Lets see an example: the true Mediterranean diet, it's composed by cereals, some vegetables and some legumes, this kind of diet is supported by the official medicine, and in according with all epidemiological studies it is the effectivest one to avoid some degenerative deseases, but if you search on Pubmed there are some studies which compare this kind of diet and the Paleo one and which tell us that the Paleo diet is more effective than the Mediterranean one.




All this causes confusion in the users, because it has got too much conflicting informations and that, when users have any deseas, they do anything to find a solution for this deseas.


So we find some groups on Facebook with a lot of users, who are following the Life style 120, or the hyper protein Duncan diet, or the ketogenetic diet and so on, and all those kind of diets have their own benefits comparing them with another one.

 areata and diet

There aren't any safe solutions:


So at the moment we can say that there aren't any safe solutions about which is the best food-style for humans, obviously in the epidemiological studies the Mediterranean diet which is composed by vegetables, fish (There are few animal proteins, a lot of cereals and some vegetables) may be the best food-style for humans, but when there are some studies which compare them to other life.styles, especially the ones that don't include any insulin carbohydrates, results aren't so briliant anymore, because some important epidemiological studies tell that the Mediterranean diet is more effective comparing it with some diets which have got too much proteins, but people haven't followed any true study which compares the Mediterranean diet with the Paleo one.


So, today even if the doctors'community tells that the Mediterranean diet is the best diet and it is the surest one, we can't tell that phylosophies won't change during the time just like it happens in medicine.

 is paleo diet good in areata ?




But what is the diet, or we should called it the Paleo life style, which are its foundations that compose it?

People who created this kind of life-style, believes that it isn't so wrong just like many people think.

Humans have been a hunter and a fruit-picker, so his digestive system and his DNA have been created following this kind of life-style.

But since 10.000 years humans began to cultivate the land and so his body didn't change for this life-style.


But it's not all, there is another foundation which isn't so unbelievable, in this life-style: cereal and legums aren't eaten by any animal, because those foods have got on their surface some toxic substances, so why humans should eat them in a high quantity?


This thought is right, because there isn't any animal who eats those cereals or legums ( we eat them only after a long work process) but many vegan people criticize this life-style.


The Paleo diet affirms that humans have to eat just like he ever did: some animal proteins (some fish or some grazing animals and not some breed-animals because they grow eating cereals and they too become dangerous, just like cereals), a lot of vegetables and some fruit ( without abusing because fruit can cause some blood sugar spikes, the real ennemies for those who follow this kind of life-style and for the human body).


This kind of diet completly removes cereals ( only sometimes rice is allowed), the most part of the starches (except the american potato), milk and dairy products ( any animal feed him self with milk after the weaning especially if it is the milk of a different specie, unlike humans do), and no legums.




There are a lot of criticism about the Paleo diet or about the paleolitic man, those criticism came not only from vegan people but also from the food-industry ( which is completley affected by this food-thought) and the most important thing is that the paleo diet is criticized by the official doctors' community.


The main criticism is that humans need carbohidrates to survive ( even if in the Paleo diet with some vegetables and fruits, this first criticism isn't so important) and that following a life-style which has a lot of animal proteins is acidifying (ph in the blood) and so it is dangerous for health in the time.


Where is the reason, we don't know.


Many studies demonstrated that a completly vegan diet is the best one for humans, but other studies told that the blood sugar spikes are very dangerous for human health.

there have been few comparative studies between the official diet followed by the official doctors' community and the Paleo one, and the second diet has been considered the best one for some different kind of auto-immune deseases (for example the Psoriasi, autism and multiple sclerosis)


In our blog , how you know, we talk about alopecia, hair- prothesis and baldness.


Among different kind of alopecia there is the partial alopecia, it is a kind of auto-immune alopecia caused by an immune system disorder which doesn't recognize the hair and attacs it just like the hair was an external pathogen, and this cause the hair fall.




The paleo diet, in according with those who follow it it is usefull not only to have a good health but it is also usefull to heal some different auto-immune deseases just like the partial alopecia.

In fact in according with people who don't eat any more carbohidrates, any dairy products, or legums, the inflamatory state of the body go down and the immune system will be reseted, so our body comes back to normal conditions without attacking any other part of our body, and so there will be the healing of the different auto-immune deseases, just like the partial alopecia.


To obtein the wanted effects you should follow this diet for at least a year, so you will clean your body and you will normalize your immunitary defense.

The Paleo diet should be followed in case of some immunitary deseases, but not only the Paleo one but it should be also followed the Paleo AIP diet in case of immunitary deseases which is more severe than the normal Paleo, because there are more restrictions.


The immune protocol is more severe, here there is the removal of other food and of the food we remove in the normal Paleo too, this to avoid the inflamation and to protect the gut and the micro bioma, and to adjust the immunitary system.

This is a protocol which, in according with those who follow it, ensures some big benefits in immune-diseases, in inflamating deseases of the gut and in the syndrome of polycystic ovary, and in all cases of a chronical inflamation.


Here there is an exausting article about this kind of life-style.


But what should we remove, if we follow the Paleo Aip diet?

Here there is a list of the food ( we should remove this kind of food for at least two months and than you can eat it back again, and you can see if there are any side effects or not, and decide to follow the classic Paleo diet)


- Solanaceae: tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant, goji berries, pepper.

- Phytic acid: dry fruit and oil seeds

- Spices from seeds and fruit (curcuma, cinnamon and ginger can be supported)

- Eggs: especially the egg white

- Alcool

- caffeine, theine and theobromine ( coffee and some drinks which contein those substances, choccolate and cacao)

- vegetables fats, vegetables oil

-preservatives, colorants, thickeners




But do those kind of life-styles work, have they healed some partial alopecia cases?


This is the biggest question, and of course all of you had this queestion at the beginning of this article.


First of all we can say that the Mediterranean diet doesn't heal the partial alopecia , so if you try a new life-style it isn't such a bad idea.


On pubmed you will find some positive analysis about it.

Here there is one of those analysis




While the evidence is limited, the Paleolithic diet has shown potential to prevent and manage various health conditions. It has a very important role in managing the pandemic diabesity.

Good palatability and acceptance are important items for the paleolithic diet; therefore, long-term compilance is also better. The diet can be planned and the patient judiciously adviced to enhance his/her compilance; However, the potential mechanisms behind the diet still require exploration. There is an urgent need for RCTs to evaluate the role of the paleolithic diet with different anti-diabetes medications for glycaemic control and the reversal of T2DM.





So what should we do, should we follow the doctors' community's indications, and take our daily cereals and legums? Or should we try a new life-style with more animal proteins and see if is the diet helping our body?

Only you can take this decision, it should be taken in a very carefull way, and we haven't to take care only of our selves but of our planet too ( a life-style which is based only on the meat consume is dangerous for the planet how you know) and we should pay attention to our selves, with some blood analysis each month,at the beginng and then each 3 months ( we should check the inflamation marks) if you decide to follow a new life-style.


I hope you enjoied this article, see you in the next one!!