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In the 60's, people moved the production and the knowledge of toupets, ventilation, coloring and other processes from the Japan to Qingdao, and this allowed the city to be the biggest and the most important production base of toupets in China.


In 50 years Qingdao developped and now it is the best prothesis provvider in the world.

In this post-blog, we will analyze step by step the production process.


Here in Newlacecu, we believe that to well understand the quality of the product and its benefits we should know its history, and the current market trends and, at last, methods and processes used by hair-system manufacturers. This is necessary to be the best toupets provviders in the world.

A short story about the past: Many civilizations dating back to the Egyptians to the present day ( The British Parliament), used wigs to represent their power.

But, during the time, toupets and wigs were used by common people who were affected by hair loss and who wanted to have a normal life.

Many cultures and ethnic groups are using wigs in their daily life.

For exemple in Africa, the hair loss is very high among women and men so women use wigs, but women use hair-systems also to be cool and to follow trends.

Generally the pourcentage of men affected by hair loss is higher than the women's one.


Wigs and toupets are two different words, NEWLACECU is specialized in the creation of men toupets and wigs for women.

china hair patch factory

Those two words are different and they have a different meaning too.

In the women market there are two different type of products, such us full wig, lace wigs,frontal wig, extention and texture etc etc.

The province of Henan is the biggest wigs production base in China and here Newlacecu has its wigs production centre.

The province of Qingdao Shandong in China is becoming the biggest and the most important toupees production base in China.

Here Newlacecu has got its production centre for men and here it has got its quality control offices and its marketing offices.

Prothesis are completely hand-made.


First of all the materials, we said in the previous post in the blog, there is a big variety of materials for the base, and each of them has got its strenghs and its weaknesses.

We use Lace to gain the biggest comfort, Mono is the strongest material, the Skin is the most invisible.

We have already talk about materials, so we will describe the different type of hair.

India is the biggest hair provider in the world and its hair has features and quality which are similar to the european one. There are two type of indian hair, the Remy hair and Not-Remy hair.

1. Indian Not-Remy hair is a kind of hair which is taken off from different sources, so it is imposisble to ensure a cuticle which has the same direction of the hair. This can cause some tangles and some quality problems if they aren't processed correctly. The correct process needs the removal of the cuticle by using the acid.

2. Remy Hair are generally considered the human hair which has the best quality to realize a toupee. Generally Remy Hair is the most provided hair to create a toupee. Remy hair are taken off with a methode which ensures that all cuticle have the same direction and that they are completely aligned.

3. European hair,have got a shiny appearence and a soft texture that's why Remy hair have the best quality and this is the most expensive hair type providers can offer to their customers. Hair are generally thin, so it isn't treated with acid or it isn't coloured so it will conserve its quality.

For a clearer hair , such as blonde one, we don't use european traited hair.

4. Virgin Russian hair has got very strong features and they are very nice, that's a sort of gold material for customers who are looking for some clearer hair colours and with a biggest length, for example the hair can be longer than 8'', chinese-russian hair is becoming a very prestigious material.

The best and thinniest virgin russian hair is usually taken off to use it in taylormade orders.


Once we chose the hair, the following step is the treatment with acid and than decolouation and colouration processes. Those three main processes are key-processes because they affect the final hair-quality.

Considering the treatment process with acid for example, when the hair is treated with an adequate solution, the cuticle on the hair will cause a tangle. If the hair is soaked with to much acid solution, it will damage the hair and sometimes it is necessary to through them away.

In Newlacecu we give to our customers the certainty we, after many years of experience in the world we mastered, faced this part of the creation process of an hair-prothesis for men.


Here in Newlacecu, we are pride to ensure to our customers efficency.

For example our efficency is shown in the production process. While the hair is being prepared, our clever workers prepare the base following the instrucions you gave us. It is important to pay more attention and time to the things below:

The hair preparation, the construction of the base and the ventilation.

Those three elements are the most important because they affect the price which is bound to our company brand.

So, we create only high quality prothesis.


Once we received the instructions from the head-quarter, our workers use materials you chose to create the base.

We can also realize a taylor-made base with a fusion of materials you prefer such us lace/mono and skin/PU.

If it is a taylor-made base, we need to use the glue to connect both materials. If the glue isn't well applied , the base will be deeper and it will be easier to break.

Once we chose materials, the next step is to use the stamp to cut off the right shape for the trichological system.

When we use the base in Skin we brush the polyester on the stamp because of its thinness. This to ensure a uniform thickness and to avoid some boubbles inside that can cause a break of the base.

Only our workers who have 5 years of experience do this process.


There are some different type of ventilation for the toupee.

For example Knoting, injected and V-looped, etc.

Generally in a taylor-made order, our customers don't say us which knoting methode we should use on the different areas, but, they tell us which effect they wish and we apply the ventilation method that can satisfy their needs.

For example, for the frontal attachement of a toupee if we choose a Lace or Mono, we will use a knot with a single closure with a white knotting to create a more natural effect and to create an invisible attachement.

We will obtein a gradual grew of the hair density and we will apply a zigzag knotting method. This to create a natural frontal attachement for the customers who want to comb the hair in the back.


Each toupee is cheked with big attention to be sure that the product is just like the one you wish and that it follows your instructions. In this way we ensure that the product kept the quality of our brand NEWLACECU snd that our customers are satisfated.

First Quality check.

Here we check the kind of hair, the hair length, the density, the wave and the hair-colour.

Once we finished the primary quality check, we follow those steps:

1. Closure of the knot - The hair systems composed by Skin need some brush strokes to close the knots. The hair systems in Lace or in mono need a spray to close the knots.

2. We get white the knots – hair systems composed by the lace or mono will have white knots. The hair systems composed by skin don't need to be whited.

For this, the V-loop or Injected Hair methods and the ventilation method with a single knot are used to ensure that the hair-system remains natural and that its knots are correclty applied.

3. At last there is the washing and the styling. This is the final production process before the final quality check. Here the hair is well washed and cleaned to ensure that there aren't any chimical substances on the toupees.

4. So the toupee is dryied and we send it to the styling station where our professional stylist will work on the toupee.

Here we are!

This is the production process in Newlacecu.

We hope you found this post on the blog very usefull and informative.

If you have any questions, our customer service is ready to answer to your call!!


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