To get a natural prothesis there are some different elements that have to work together.


1. The Hair quality


It is important that the hair, every kind of hair the one composed by fiber and the human hair, must have a good quality. It must have a long duration in the time.


A good hair is soft, it is bright and it doesn't become rigid.

The hair must be hydratated and protected during the time by the model.


2. The injection of the hair in the base


This action must be hand-made, today in the 2020 it doesn't exist a machine which can replace the worker's job.

Only the worker, a worker with some experience, can perfectly inject the hair in the base and only him can obtain a natural Ventilation effect.

There are some different injection method, the injection, the knotted one and each of them has some different minor methods (the single injection, the split knotted one etc.)

How you can understand the injection of the hair in the base is the most important element for an high quality hair-prothesis.

Today there some different factories and they could be all the same for an inexpert person, but they aren't, in fact there some factories which are just born and which have some inexpert workers and some managers who haven't any ability, there are other factories which are consolidated, and other factories who always want to improve the quality of their product and wo want to ensure some new methods and some more and more natural hair-dresses.

So our advice is to not order your product in the first factory you find, but just give a good look to the photoes and than try the duration of the product in the time.




3 The Base of the hair- prothesis


There are some different kind of basis, starting from the basis in skin, the lace basis, the monofilament basis, the old sylicon one, and the autoadhesive basis, than we can find the topclosure basis, the vacuum one,mixed basis etc.

Each base has its own feature and it could be perfect for a model but not for another one, and for this reason it's necessary to consult our agent and it is also necessary to surf on the net and look for the right base or for the combination of basis for you.


Here you can find our contact


newlacehairassistenzaitalia@gmail.com - + 39 348 568 1860



4 The hair cut


The hair cut must be done by a good hair-dresser, it isn't necessary he is an expert about hair-prothesis, in fact sometimes the centres which are experts about hair-prothesis,unfortunally, haven't any good hair-dresser for the hair cuts, we advice you to go to your hair-dresser's or if you haven't any hair-dresser you can contact us and we will indicate you a good hair-dresser in your city.


5 Maintenance


It is a customer's job to do the maintenance, he will have to clean well his skin and the base of the system, he must check the hair and change the hair-prothesis when it is damaged and old.


A good model always has got a spare system, and he will always alternate the two systems and he will never throw away the old hair-prothesis which, even they are damaged, could always be usefull for some experiments, some cutouts, or for some restyling.


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