This is one of problems which cause the biggest part of trouble for men first of all for those who use some hair-prothesis from Asia (the most are Indians).

Why does it append?

Well, lets see!

First of all, the hair of hair-men prothesis are 10-20 cm long, it is usually 15 cm long. But it doesn't mean that the person who sold his hair to the company had this hair-length, but the braids used are about 25-30 cm long and this is to allow the knotting process.


The knotting process consists exactly in what you are reading about: The hair is usually knotted in the base of the hair-system and it is necessary a good length so the knot will be easily “flipped”, we generally use a length about 5-10 cm more than the complessive length.


There are some other knotting techniques just like the J, the V and V-loop one..


But generally they are knotted hair-prothesis.


A person who let the hair grow till a length about 25-30 cm means that he/her spent at last one year without cutting his/her hair, and what are we facing here?


A hair is a biological element and, like everything in this life, during the time can get oxydated.


Now it is sure that the hair which compose the braids must be long for a correct knotting process, and that the hair is oxydated by the time.


Now we have to speak about the origin of the hair: The Asia ( it usually comes from India or China).

Asiatic people have different kind of feomelanine which gives the colour to the hair and this kind of colour is different from the one of caucasian or African people. For example, Indian people have a reddish color unlike brown. This means that even if the new generation hair-prothesis are coloured with a grey color to get them more caucasian, the pigmentation is washed away especially if we use the hair-dryier, some coloured water and to the sun light we will see this annoying reddish meches ( especially at the sun light). This usually appends to men who have brown hair.





- If you use the Asiatic hair, you have to be precise when you readjust the colour. Generally is usefull a complete coloration, this to give a grey or greenish subcoloration that is the opposite of the reddish colour.


- If you use the European hair, this matter isn't so important or urgent, but remember!

Even if the style you are wearing at the moment is a short or very short style, the hair used to get the hair-system so short was long, so the hair has been oxydated. Among European hair we have some blonde hair, brown or red hair, but among brown colours we can also find the oxydated almond color or the nut color or copper color ( it depends of the genetic features of each person, in fact we see that the blonde colour becomes gold).


In each cases our advice is to give a light grey colour to the system this to have always the same color , especially for hair-prothesis for men.