1) Will i be able to Practice any Sports wearing a prothesis?


Yes of course, our systems are all certificated and hypoallergenics, you can swim, play football, you can have a sportly and active life.


2) Will i feel like i have a foreign body?


Once you wear the prothesis you will have a complete transpirability, you will complete forgive it isn't your hair. You want feel anything strange, you will have back the hair-dress you always wanted.


3) Can i comb my hair in the way i prefer?


By wearing a Newlacecu hair-prothesis you can comb your hair in the way you prefer of course, and you can have a cool hair-dress


4) Glues you sell, are they dangerous for our health?


Absolutelly not, ours are certificated glues for a human usage and they are hypoallergenics, so they are completelly safe.


5) Universal Alopecia affects me, is there a solution for me too?


Of course. Our hair-prothesis are good for the androgenethic Alopecia but they are also total so they can cover completelly the head if you are affected bu universal Alopecia, results are excellent and very natural.


6) I don't want to shave my hair in the alopecical zone because there i have a lot of hair, is there a solution for me?


Of course there is and its name is thickner or microline. It is a prothesis that will allow you to not shave your hair or mix it with the prothesis' one, this is one of the most sold hair-systems from Newlacecu for women who don't want to shave their hair.


7) Can i Wash my hair?


Sure, you can have a shower, you can go to the swimmingpool or to the sea without any problems, and if you use our hair care -products you will always have a bright and soft hair-style.


8) Has the hair a good quality? I ask it beacause the one of my hair-dresser has a short duration


Our hair is the best in the market ,they all have the cuticle and this will ensure a long duration and a high quality, they all have certificated origin.


9) The injection work of the hair in the base, is it good?

It is the best in the world, no other seller makes a work better than ours, we constantly update our company and we have all best workers and they all have years of experience in their job.


10) Why do you have the lowest prices?


Because we are producers,and not sellers, that's why unlike the others we work with low borders to ensure to the customers the best price in the world.


11) Are your hair-prothesis the best?


Of course, we are sure about that, we have the best hair in the world, for basis quality, work quality and hair quality. Try it and you will see the difference there is between us and other companies, even with companies who sell 30 times more than us. Our systems are the best tricological and modern systems.


12) Should i do a cast of my alopecical zone or can i only send my measures?


This is your personal choice, for full prothesis we advice you to send only measures, even for a partial system. If you are in a hurry, you can simply send us the measures and the frontal design you want, or you can do a cast, which is very easy to make and you will find in our web site the instructions about how to do it.


13) How can i choose the right colour for me?


You can send us a tress of your hair or you can look for a colour which is similar to yours in our colour ring, there's nothing easyier.


14) Is it better to exceed with the density of the prothesis or not?


We always advice to begin by steps, so don't choose a prothesis with an high density.


15) To how many centimeters should i put the front of the prothesis?


You should put it where was your natural growth it usually is from 4 fingers after your eyebrows.


16) What is a front graduation?


It is the graduated front section , it means the density, just like in nature in the front we can put less density if you ask for it so you will obtein a perfect front.


17) What is the Lace?


The Lace is a prothesis which ensures you a full transpiration and a perfect natural front, this is the top among Newlacecu's prothesis.


18) What is a Skin?


The skin is a prothesis composed by polyurethane, it is easy to clean, the skin has different thickness: very thin, thin, medium or large.

In Newlacecu we have the super-thin skin, the first prothesis in skin which ensures a completely invisible front.


19) What is a prothesis in stock?


A prothesis in stock is a prothesis which is already ready to be sent, it has fixed measures, you can cut it off and it is perfect for those who want a prothesis in an urgent situation.


20) What is a Custom prothesis?


It is a prothesis which is taylor-made in fact, we follow the instructions and the measures you send us. To realize it, it takes 30 days.


21) Can i color the hair of the prothesis?


Sure, it is an hair with cuticle, you can color it in the way you prefer


22) How many prothesis should i have to be sure?


The hair prothesis is not a jeans. If you are a model you can't go out without a prothesis, so we advice you to have some prothesis for change and for some possible urgent situations… we advice you to always alternate , during the usage, two prothesis and we advice you to have other 2 prothesis ready to be used.


23) How long should i take off my prothesis to clean it?


If you use our tapes the prothesis can rest glued for a long time, but we advice you to clean both the your skin and the base each 10 days.


24) Can i cover some burns or strange forms of alopecia with a prothesis?


Of course, we can provide you with every kind of hair-systems to cover all burns or other aesthetic pathologies.


25) I haven't any eyebrows, do you have a solution for this kind of aesthetic problem which completly changed my phisiognomy?


Yes, we have some completly invisible prothesis for eyebrows too, they are excellent and they have a long duration.


26) How long is the duration of your prothesis?


It depends on the base and on the hair origin you will choose, but they usually have a duration which is 3 times higher than other similar systems in other companies.


27) Why should i order by you and not in another company?


Because we ensure the best product, the best price, the best service.

Because we are producers, we have thousand of happy customers and we are honest people who like working.

For us this isn't a business, we are people who are affected by the zone universal Alopecia and we live this work just like a mission. We know what you are feeling because you don't have any hair and we want to make you happy and we don't want to gain on your pain.